Aldis Jasper, a Swiss Nation first visited Thiruvannamalai as part of “terre de homes”, an organisation dedicated to the welfare of physically challenged children. During her stay, she travelled through the region and to neighbouring villages as part of her work.

In February 1999 Aldis and her friends whom she had met on her visit to India, decided to form The Arunachala Village School Trust to help towards the cause. The trust was initially headed by 6 board members, some of whom are still active today.

AVS supports every student to reach their highest potential, not only during their time with us but also after they complete their primary education (class 5). At the end of each school year we conduct private meetings with the parents of every student who has completed class 5. In these meetings we discuss plans for the child's next level of education.

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Appreciate the amount of work done to bring the organisation to the current level. My only request to you is to scale this school and bring more schools for students around this state (Country).

Vinod Ramasmy - Hyderabad, India

Most impressed with all you have achieved here a humble experience. I wish you all well in the future and hope the hospital is built soon.

Willie Wilkinson

What a nice school, teachers and children! For us it was an unexpected visit and a bond has been offered we should stay one hour but it was nearly 3 hours...

Prof. Juch Dick & Margreet - Belgium

These three weeks passed so quickly! Thank you very much for a wonderful and unforgettable time in AVS. Thank you for the delicious Indian food and so many bright and warm smiles.

Markus Frig - Switzerland